Welcome to the Land of Civilizations
is truly a tourist's paradise because of a number of reasons. It has not only unique in highly diverse and exotic terrain ranging from lofty and some of the highest mountains in the world to lush green valleys and planes, arid deserts and tropical coasts, but it is also the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations and cultures, Gandhara and Indus.

Cox & Kings Pakistan invites you to visit this exotic land and meet the friendly people of Pakistan who display equally diverse cultures and languages.

Cox & Kings Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, has been providing travel and tourism services across Pakistan and abroad to our valued customers around the globe. We provide services like, package tours, conference arrangements, hotel bookings, air safaris & transport arrangements for our valued customers in all over Pakistan. Whatever your requirement is, whether it is a leisure trip to northern areas, conference arrangement or just an airport transfer, our team of professionals will do it for you.
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